Minwear Woods Foray

We had a very successful foray on Sunday at Minwear Woods. We went to a mycorrhizal hotspot and found a range of interesting fungi.

Poppit Sands foray (with The Darwin Experience)

About 20 of us turned up on a pleasant sunny day, expecting to find very little, due to dry conditions, but we were pleasantly surprised and found a good number of species, including Dune Waxcaps, Dune Stinkhorns, Conocybe dunensis, Psathyrella ammophila as well as a new Welsh record, Psathyrella bipellis.

Teifi Marshes Foray

A dozen of us turned up at the Welsh Wildlife Centre in Cilgerran and spent a couple of hours looking through old oak and hazel woodland. Here are some of the photos we found. Credits to Ross Grisbook for most of these (the good ones anyway!)

Little Milford Foray

May 2015 – meeting at the National Botanic Garden of Wales

New website launched

The PFRN website has been updated and modernised by Adam Pollard of PC Rescue as his contribution to the group.

We welcome your input and comments. Is there anything you’d like to see added? have you spotted any mistakes? Any suggestions, photos or other content for the site can be emailed to info@pembsfungi.org.uk or added as a comment.

Orielton – October 2014